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In 2018 Ben also created the RIPL message, which focuses on building positive relationships in schools and helping to prevent violence.

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Ben Rudrud

Ben is a national keynote speaker that speaks to tens of thousands of students and educators each year. Ben's topics focus on the subjects of: positive relationships, school culture, anti-bullying, violence prevention, and finding your own voice. Using personal stories filled with practical advice, and animated delivery, Ben captivates audiences and leaves people inspired and uplifted with hope.


   Positive Relationships

Building positive relationships is an essential and a core skill everyone should develop. With a focused approach on how to build positive relationships built on trust, understanding, and care.

   School Culture

Positive school cultures provide a safe, supportive, encouraging, inviting, and challenging environment for students and staff, which in turn allows students' academic achievement to evolve.


When students feel threatened or harassed by a bully or bullies at school their safety and security become a large concern. Often times effecting their academic performance, and development.

   Finding Your Voice

Finding your voice is more than just being willing to speak up in uncomfortable situations – it can open doors for you to embrace your unique difference, empower yourself and others.

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Ben's passion is contagious! He captivates audiences and leaves people inspired and uplifted with hope.


Thousands of people have heard Ben's speak! Here are some of the comments he has received.

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